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How to manufacture and produce the famous Bulgarian rosewater and rose oil (Rose Otto) ?

1/ A million of rosa damascena petals are manually collected in hills of the rose of Bulgaria valley.
2/ Each bag full of rosa damascena flowers and petals are identified manually to guaranty the good traceability.
3/ Bags of rosa damascena petals and roses are transported to the local Bulgarian cooperative. While you buy our products then you help the local Bulgarian farmers as Fare trade with Bulgaria from Europe Community.
4/ Rose petals are directly deposited in a big steam tank, and natural water is used to boil them and to collect the natural steam as a pure rose oil and rose water distillation.
5/ Rosa damascene from Bulgaria gives an exceptional rose water and rose oil used in our cosmetics and perfumery products.
6/ Rose is an ancient remedy of antiaging and everyday care of your skin.

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