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Ultra Lifting Day Concentrate Royal Rose

Argan and Rose oils work to balance the sebum production of the skin, they restore, nourishe and protect it from drying out and damaging external influences.

Ultra Anti-age Night Concentrate Royal Rose

It contains unique phyto -feeding complex, with natural Bulgarian rose oil and Argan oil.

Pure Bulgarian Rosewater Royal rose

Rosewater Royal rose is a natural skin care product designed to cool, soothe and hydrate delicate and sensitive skins.

Nourishing Hair Mask Royal Rose

Nourishing Hair Mask Royal Rose with Natural Bulgarian Rose Oil and Argan oil.

Night Cream Royal Rose

This cream is completely made on natural bases and contains the unique Bulgarian rose water with exceptionally high contents of essential rose oil.

Mild Massage Cream Royal Rose

It i s a unique formula that provides Relaxing effect. Its delivers a long-lasting fragrance to the body skin giving a Wonderful feeling of comfort and Fineness.

Lip Balm Royal Rose

Lip balm with Rose oil, Argan oil & Beeswax. It softens the lips, preserves moisture and prevents from cracking.

Hydrating Face Cream Royal Rose

This face cream nourishes and enhances the natural protective functions of the skin. Contains Rose water, D-Panthenol, Vitamin E and Jojoba oil.

Firming Body Butter Royal Rose

The Body Butter moisturises, revitalises, restores balance and makes the skin healthier and firmer.

Eye Cream Royal Rose

The delicate zone around the eyes needs special care, as the skin there is very soft, it does not contain fat cells and wrinkles appear there first.

Eau de Perfume Royal rose

The eternal and stylish notes of "The Queen of flowers", the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena wrap you in an aristocratic atmosphere.

Day Cream Royal Rose

Day cream Royal Rose has incredible abilities. Therefore the usage of healthy products of ...

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