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Organic oil after waxing Mango Argan Fragrance

Unifying skin lotion

This brightening lotion has been formulated to minimize dark spots and loss of radiance;

Unifying Complexion Mask

This mask contains a powerful derivative of the Vitamin C, whitening active principle objectifies ....

Unifying Cleansing Milk

This milk gently cleanses and removes impurities...


Sugar and cucumber scrub Norma de Durville. Eliminates dead cells to enhance the skin’s radiance

Protective lotion with pink guava

Perfects the action of cleansing. adapted for the most sensitive skins use thoroughly with ...

Protective Cream With Pink Guava

This day cream leaves an protective film on skin . Suitablecto dry and sensitive skins


Post- epilation soothing lotion Norma de Durville. An intensive soothing lotion to calm ...


The post-depilatory lotion Norma de Durville contains a complex that ...

Peeling cream with pink guava

Peeling eliminates dead cells to reveal a luminous skin. do not use on irritated skin

Moisturizing serum with pink guava

Specially formulated for intense moisturizing, ...

Moisturizing mask with pink guava

Give a real refreshing care to your skin with this outstanding mask..


Nourishing and moiturizing by impregnation of the upper layers of the epidermis

Modeling cream with pink guava

Its slippery power eases and extends time for massages on body and face

High-protection Unifying Cream

This cream forms an invisible protective veil and prevents the appearance of dark spots and signs of ...


Post epilation oil Norma de Durville, used after epilation to remove any traces of wax.

Cleansing milk with pink guava

suitable for delicate or sensitive skin

Cleansing Milk Rose Fragrance

Suitable to all skin types even the most sensitive

Cleansing Lotion With Aloe vera

Removes softly all traces of make-up

Chemical peel with AHA

This chemical peel with AHA’s exfoliates immediately for a more luminous complexion and much softer skin.

Calendula Post-Epilation Oil

Moisturizing post-depilation oil Norma de Durville with organic calendula extract. Suitable for delicate skin.

Azulen Oil

Any traces of waxes will be removed with azulene oil Norma de Durville and leave the skin silky and sooth

Anti-aging Care Cream

This cream with apple stem cells and Hyaluronic acid contains active ingredients positioned to ...

Anti Ingrown Hair

This anti ingrown hair treatment is particularly recommended for problems of ingrown hairs.

Anti Breakage Hair Treatment

Anti breakage hair treatment Norma de Durville. The vitamin F in the solution gives more flexibility to the ...

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